offset or eliminate the electricity cost of your home.







plan for the future with solar.

Electric rates are going up 4.5% a year on average, and the cost of going solar is down 60%. The simple and easy solution to controlling your electric expenses at home is solar.

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Zero Emissions

Solar panels do not produce any harmful greenhouse gases.


Once panels are installed they require little maintenance .

Get Paid

Many utility companies are paying solar panel users for the excess energy they produce.


Doing your part in creating a cleaner more sustainable future.

Lock in your rate

Going solar will protect you from rising utility rates.

Cut Electricity Costs

The average 20-year savings of solar panel users in California is $30,000.

Solar made easy.

4 easy steps.


We do a free home evaluation.


Review your personalized bid and savings.


We design, permit, and install your system.


Enjoy your savings.


Steve & Nancy D. - Orangevale, CA

We hired Robert and the ILUM Solar team to obtain permits and install our 60-panel ground mount solar system. Robert handled the creation of the plans and all of the dealings with the county. Once the project was approved the team worked with us on the installation of the 60-panel system and the upgrade to our electrical panel. All of the 6 member team was conscientious, cooperative and easy to work with. After installation, they took the time to train us on the system operation and how to troubleshoot if problems were to occur in the future. Our system looks great and operates efficiently.

Robert W. - Vacaville, CA

Our brand-new roof was treated with kid gloves and after the test of heavy rains, it's 100% perfect. The panels are high-quality, sleek-looking, and are performing to maximum potential every day. It's great to be getting most of our power from clean solar energy instead of fossil fuels, and the savings on utility bills are amazing. We went with Ilum after getting a quote and presentation from one of the oldest and most respected solar companies in the business, and it was a great decision! Thanks, Ilum!

Joe G - San Carlos, CA

 Our roof presented a challenge to most installers, due to its metal shingles and NE facing contemporary roof. Ilum had no problem, however, and even found a very creative way of producing more energy than initially expected, by splitting the 21 panels into 5 separate arrays facing in various directions.